Anyone feel like poking at testing something?

Anyone feel like poking at testing something? I’ve just pushed support for the teensy 3.1’s second hardware SPI port to the FastLED2.1 branch (and genericized the first hardware SPI port access). This is data on pin 7, clock on pin 14. Unfortunately - my order of teensy 3.1’s hasn’t shown up yet so all i’ve been able to do is a quick test on compiling :slight_smile:

I only have a 3.0 …

Actually, running a test on the 3.0 w/the hardware SPI would also be helpful - since I made it so the code can be compiled between SPI0 and SPI1 - and want to make sure I didn’t break anything. That would be pins…. 11 and 13 (data/clock). I blew through all my 3’s and 3.1’s for proejcts already :slight_smile:

If noone has yet, I can test this in a few hours when I get home if you’d like…?

Aside: any word on Due support? :slight_smile:

Due support has been complete on the 2.1 branch for a bit now :slight_smile:

(By extension, so has digix support. Apparently, there are problems with the UDOO, however, in spite of claims to be due compatible)