Anyone familiar with Weistek IdeaWerk Speed WT280S (450mm/s claimed speed)?

(Ziphnor) #1

I found this printer available (hardly) used for a pretty low price (similar to cheap chinese DIY kits). It is apparently the result of a Danish university collaboration/ start-up called “Create It Real”. They produce a special mainboard and provide a special slicer ( ) for it.

It seems to have been superseded by the WT280X though they appear identical.

I found some videos here: , but cannot really find any reviews (i think i found one of an earlier “not speed” version, but that uses a different slicer and a different mainboard, so is not really a good indication). It sounds like it is a combination of the new mainboard with stronger steppers.

I am considering buying it for fun, but don’t like buying blind.