Anyone familiar with using an atx psu to power a pi and using the

(Jason Gerstenhaber) #1

Anyone familiar with using an atx psu to power a pi and using the pi to control the psu? Any tips or tutorials?

(Matt Harrington) #2

I bet you could do something clever with . ATX supplies have a standby rail. Maybe you could power that board with the standby. Then the output power would go to the ATX psu enable rather than to the pi to make it control the psu. Power the pi directly from the psu and use the pi to control that power board according to instructions.

I am curious to know if that works or if others come up with better ideas.

(Aaron Spaulding) #3

You can power the pi using the standby rail, it should have enough power to keep it running. You can then connect the on/off pin of the PSU to the GPIO of the pi so that the pi can turn the PSU on and off.

You can see how Marlin and RAMPS handles the same thing, it uses the same strategy to control and be powered by a PSU.

Good Luck!

(Matt Harrington) #5

@Aaron_Spaulding , the standby current is usually pretty low. The pi won’t run off that. You could prolly use an arduino on the standby rail to switch the psu tho.

(Jason Gerstenhaber) #6

It says my psu will output 5v at 3 amps. Isn’t that right where the pi needs to be?

(Jeff DeMaagd) #7

I think Pi3 recommends 2A so you should be good.

(Matt Harrington) #8

3A on the standby? Wow.

(Jason Gerstenhaber) #9

@Matt_Harrington Does that sound unreasonable? I know absolutely zero about ATX PSUs.

(Matt Harrington) #10

It looks like the spec for +5vsb is 720mA but many supplies are under that. You can just try it and see if it works.

(Dennis P) #11

I know this is over a year old, but yes, I am successfully doing this.

There are writeups on RepRap wiki on using the ATX on 3 different printers.

I have been working on a PiHAT ATX breakout with Duckle for this. Pi works fine on +5BFSB powering the Pi, which in turn powers the webcam and controller and LCD.

if you want a broad, PM me. $2-3 for shipping.

Dennis P.

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