Anyone ever used the Flex3Drive system.

Anyone ever used the Flex3Drive system. They have a kit which specifically is noted for the Eustathios and HercuLien?

It would need a carriage designed for it to make it work. I would help in the design, but am swamp at work.

@Eclsnowman the kit comes w/ a carriage (or so it seems?)

@jerryflyguy I didn’t know @Mutley3D had created the carriage already. NICE!

@Eclsnowman @jerryflyguy it is an advanced work in progress :slight_smile: CAD is the easy part, other life skills suck! :slight_smile:
Core development of all the extruder variants (single and duals) was the hard part, but that side of things is 100% complete now.

In a few days some heavy work will be in full swing producing rapid results. Currently just clearing a backlog of orders that stacked up during the transition of the business and time taken by a last minute opportunity to exhibit at last weeks TCT show at the NEC in Birmingham UK.

omg. so youve got flex shaft that is that long and WORKS at that length? YAHOOOOOO so much closer to being able to use all my filaments on one machine!

@Jim_Stone people tend to over estimate the length of the shaft that will be required. There are also a few tricks that can be used to optimise shaft length by positioning of the motor to minimise required length further. Ultimately the gear reduction of 40:1 reduces load to such a point that less than 1Ncm (0.01Nm) of torque is required to be transmitted along the shaft.

When I get the $ this is gonna run on my rig…if I can ever get my carriage apart lol.