Anyone ever had a file which wouldn't 'play'?

Anyone ever had a file which wouldn’t ‘play’? I’ve had it happen a couple times where it just doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t start the heat up or timer etc?

Azteeg x5 v3

Does your controller freeze and require a reset? If so, then yes. But only when my bed was preheated above the set temp and not with the new firmware version.

@Zane_Baird nope, I can go back in and re select the file but it doesn’t give you the ‘abort’ function. Just reverts back to the ‘watch’ screen and is just static, no action. No heat up, no time count. I’m wondering if it’s taking time to spool the data or? The last file was ~33mb

@Ashley_Webster what do-ya-know… that worked. Seems weird that a 10-15 character name is an issue?

I just make it short so it’s easier to type. It might be worth doing an “ls /sd” to see if it’s a naming issue.

What is the exact filename ? Also, yes, @Jeff_DeMaagd is right, the result of “ls /sd/” would be helpful.
If all else fails, it’s possible the SD card got corrupted ( do you always “safely eject” it in the menus after changing something on it ? ) and formatting it then pasting the files back in would solve it.

@Arthur_Wolf the actual file name was

I’m not sure what “is/sd/” means?

I’ve always used the eject on SD card. It was formatted from day one.

I simply changed the file name to “F.gcode” and it ran.

Well maybe a special character crept in the filename or something …
ls /sd/ is a command you can send to your somothieboard via your host software, a serial terminal or the web interface

@Arthur_Wolf just tried is/sd/ and get unknown syntax? I’ve tried every permutation I can think of (including the “”) but same result, what am I missing?

@jerryflyguy using Pronterface ? do “@ls/sd/”

L not I, space between the s and /. Computer commands are extremely specific.

ls is a command to find the contents of a folder, /sd/ is the name of the folder we want it to check.

Thanks for the clarity, I’ll try again tomorrow. Will post the results