Anyone else remember the Colorpod?

Anyone else remember the Colorpod? (VDG Spitstechniek) - It was a kit that converted an Ultimaker 2 into a full-color 3D powder printer. I just got an email about the beta, and the developer has the parts for the conversion on his Tindie Store:

That’s an interesting approach to 3d printing. Laser sintering without the laser and with multi-color capability. I’ll bet it’s messy but easily managed in that respect.

That is very cool. I wonder how strong CA-impregnated PVA prints are.

I have a “repair” adhesive system that uses CA and a powder that resembles ordinary table salt. It allows one to use CA for repairs that have large gaps. The strength of CA is then distributed over the grains to fill in the gaps and it’s been holding up quite well. 3d structures with thin walls may be weaker than printed ones, but the multi-color aspect isn’t to be overlooked.

I’m impressed if those parts really were made with that head. The head looks a bit of a jalopy.

Does anyone can help with it’s software settings the printer either not jet or stop after a fee seconds