Anyone else print one of these yet? It's a really cool model.

(Andrew Bougie) #1

Anyone else print one of these yet? It’s a really cool model. It would be even cooler thought if it had some sort of gear system instead of just a straight through shaft.

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GE just released this really cool model of a jet engine. I printed it on a 3500 HDMax using the semi-transparent Crystal material.

This is the first GIF I’ve ever created. Not a perfect loop, but close enough. :slight_smile:

You can download the model here.

(Mike Miller) #2

I can’t quite get the main fan to print.

(Tom Georgoulias) #3

I did, turned out great.

Only had to print one part twice, the flat base, because my first attempt warped too much. Keeping wide, thin flat prints from curling is always a challenge for me.

(Andrew Bougie) #4

I’d say the main fan and the base would give people the most issues as you guys pointed out. My base warped a little bit due to the heat process used to remove the wax supports on my machine. I had it oriented upside down and it sagged a small amount. It was close enough so I didn’t re-print.