Anyone else having problems with Windows 10 crashing whilst running Laserweb4?

(Paul Compton) #1

Anyone else having problems with Windows 10 crashing whilst running Laserweb4?

At first I thought the PC was just rebooting due to updates. It’s a work PC that usually only gets used for demos and hadn’t been turned on for a couple of months, so had a bunch of updates and policies to install. I had the PC re-imaged and I was still getting crashes/reboots when running LW4. I’ve now swapped to another PC and have had another crash. Memory usage was stable, so it doesn’t look like a memory leak. Both PCs were Dell Optiplex 3020s

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #2

Crashed while idle or generating operations or does it freeze? Any screenshot that’s shows the crash?

(Paul Compton) #3

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty It’s never crashed when I was actively using the software, mostly when idle, once upon exit. No screenshots since it results in a reboot.

(Todd Fleming) #4

Does it have nVidia? One of my machines went unstable with a recent nVidia driver release.

(Paul Compton) #5

@Todd_Fleming No, integrated graphics.

(Paul Compton) #6

I ran LW4 for quite a while this afternoon without a crash, but did experience another problem behaviour. On a number of occasions the generate G-code progress bar would freeze at 100%. You could run the code, but not generate any new code, or clear the old code out. The only solution was to restart LW4.

(Travis Fisch) #7

Yeah. It happens to me all the time. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of a job or its sitting idle. Windows will just crash and reboot. Im running windows 10 on an MSI laptop. I have tried both USB2 and USB3 ports. Same results. Any one know if this is being worked on?

(Todd Fleming) #8

LW4 doesn’t have any code running at kernel level or even privileged level; we can’t fix system crashes.

(Travis Fisch) #9

@Todd_Fleming But the error I keep getting is a “Kernel security check failure” error. The only time this happens is when I’m running Laserweb.

(Todd Fleming) #10

It’s either a Windows bug or (more likely) a driver bug. Windows protects itself against normal apps like ours.

(Todd Fleming) #11

It’s possible that something we do triggers a bug that MS isn’t aware of, but until that happens on developer PCs (it hasn’t so far), we have no way of knowing what the trigger is.

(Todd Fleming) #12

Do you have any non-Microsoft antivirus or anti-malware? All the non-microsoft anti-* products have a long history of causing problems with Chromium-based apps. Google announced they were fed up with it a couple months ago and started taking measures to block anti-* from touching Chromium processes.

(Paul Compton) #13

On my work PC I have McAfee, no choice. I can temporarily disable it, so I’ll give that a go when I get a chance.

(Antonio Giudice) #14

did laserweb4 crash, or did windows crash (BSOD)?
because in the second case, I was suggested to replace the arduino clone with a better one (with FTDI chip instead of CH340) and now it goes flawless :slight_smile:

(Jevgenijs Gena) #15

I had such a problem. I just bought the original arduino and everything works. Chinese driver ch340/341 was to blame