Anyone else having problems with Windows 10 crashing whilst running Laserweb4?

Anyone else having problems with Windows 10 crashing whilst running Laserweb4?

At first I thought the PC was just rebooting due to updates. It’s a work PC that usually only gets used for demos and hadn’t been turned on for a couple of months, so had a bunch of updates and policies to install. I had the PC re-imaged and I was still getting crashes/reboots when running LW4. I’ve now swapped to another PC and have had another crash. Memory usage was stable, so it doesn’t look like a memory leak. Both PCs were Dell Optiplex 3020s

Crashed while idle or generating operations or does it freeze? Any screenshot that’s shows the crash?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty It’s never crashed when I was actively using the software, mostly when idle, once upon exit. No screenshots since it results in a reboot.

Does it have nVidia? One of my machines went unstable with a recent nVidia driver release.

@Todd_Fleming No, integrated graphics.

I ran LW4 for quite a while this afternoon without a crash, but did experience another problem behaviour. On a number of occasions the generate G-code progress bar would freeze at 100%. You could run the code, but not generate any new code, or clear the old code out. The only solution was to restart LW4.

Yeah. It happens to me all the time. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of a job or its sitting idle. Windows will just crash and reboot. Im running windows 10 on an MSI laptop. I have tried both USB2 and USB3 ports. Same results. Any one know if this is being worked on?

LW4 doesn’t have any code running at kernel level or even privileged level; we can’t fix system crashes.

@Todd_Fleming But the error I keep getting is a “Kernel security check failure” error. The only time this happens is when I’m running Laserweb.

It’s either a Windows bug or (more likely) a driver bug. Windows protects itself against normal apps like ours.

It’s possible that something we do triggers a bug that MS isn’t aware of, but until that happens on developer PCs (it hasn’t so far), we have no way of knowing what the trigger is.

Do you have any non-Microsoft antivirus or anti-malware? All the non-microsoft anti-* products have a long history of causing problems with Chromium-based apps. Google announced they were fed up with it a couple months ago and started taking measures to block anti-* from touching Chromium processes.

On my work PC I have McAfee, no choice. I can temporarily disable it, so I’ll give that a go when I get a chance.

did laserweb4 crash, or did windows crash (BSOD)?
because in the second case, I was suggested to replace the arduino clone with a better one (with FTDI chip instead of CH340) and now it goes flawless :slight_smile:

I had such a problem. I just bought the original arduino and everything works. Chinese driver ch340/341 was to blame