anyone else haveing problems with the tinyG workspace loading?

anyone else haveing problems with the tinyG workspace loading?

i thought maybe it was cause i needed to update the spjs and did so but im still not getting the cut viewer or the widgets to load. not sure where to start looking for problems.

it might be something in the loading of widgets cause the ones that do load do not work

Look at your Javascript console in your browser as you’re probably erroring out. Somebody said the other day when they turned an adblocker on it wouldn’t load.

sweet i’ll check right now!

hopefully this picture isn’t unrealistically large haha. but it does say that their are security errors. i wonder if it’s a fire wall thing or something.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Looks like you dragged a bad gcode file in. Wipe your local storage or try to drag good gcode in and reload

you are a god damn genius my friend! haha that’s all it was, im back on track. it did finally drive me to start building my own work space instead of always using the default one so it was also a blessing in disguise

It would be nice to have better error trapping. Fortunately this is rare

yeah i think when grabbing a .brd file i grabbed an eagle file and dropped it in. im stoked to cut my first pcb though.

I wonder whether we can do some autodetecting in the import widget.

In grbl 1 there is an ability to send a line of code to the processor for validation. That might also be worth implementing.