Anyone doing multi extruder prints?

(André Roy) #1

Anyone doing multi extruder prints? What are some of the headaches you’re dealing with?

(André Roy) #2

I’m finding PLA leaks slowly, requiring extra extrusion on extruder change. Producing a high quality HIPS/PLA print is challenging.

(Diego Viejo) #3

For me, the main problem is when hotend’s tips are misaligned vertically. I resolve the problem of leaking by using a prime pillar. But from time to time, a few microns of vertical misalignment makes the pillar to fall down and then the printing is lost…

(Toby Robb) #4

Once aligned i am ok, but lots of drips and mess even with wipe and prime towers and a shield. The prints are variable, some good, some not good, luck of the draw mostly. Also often the drips and shield end up catching on the extruders and ripping the print from the bed. Had no luck with PVA as a dissovable support, although i have some hips yet to try…

(André Roy) #5

I’m over extruding PLA by 1.5mm on restart, but how much you want to overextrude seems dependent on the time spent printing with the other head. Feels like I’m running up against the bleeding edge of my slicer’s capabilities.

(André Roy) #6

@Toby_Robb ​​, can you print a thicker tower? The extra surface area to stick to worked for me, with a HIPS tower.

(Toby Robb) #7

Well, my second extruder just packed it in, would you believe it, just as i was testing a hips support print…groan…:frowning:

(André Roy) #8

I switched the PLA to the other nozzle. This one barely oozes… Hooray, I guess. :wink: