Anyone could hint me regarding the overspill I have in my print ?

Anyone could hint me regarding the overspill I have in my print ?
the bed is roughly levelled (maybe 0.07mm Z-offset over 100mm distance), extrusion rate was adjusted, filament diameter checked (faderbashery green village PLA at 2.80~2.83mm, sliced for 2.85)
nozzle 0.5mm at 220°, bed at 60°, skeinforge (latest) sliced at 0.3mm, mendel90 kit from nophead
fan on starting from layer 2

I feel like it comes from the extrusion. The X/Y/Z moves looks quite good to me. I also noticed that when heating the nozzle, the ooze isn’t going straight and sometimes goes up, left and right, and most of the time, comes down straight and roll on touching the bed. Are the 2 issue related and could indicate a nozzle clog ? or something else ?


220 seems awfully hot. I usually run 185 first layer and 180 or 175 other layers. And you have to have a fan when printing little parts like this out of PLA. Of course, YMMV. And Im impressed, I didnt think anybody used skeinforge these days!

@Brian_Evans lots of people use Skeinforge still, primarily Cura users. Though I think they are slowly moving to kisslicer.

where can i get that design?

@Brian_Evans thx for the hint about temperature. I looked out for recommendation regarding this color but didn’t find any. I’ll retry with a lower one.
@ThantiK I’m a newbie (3rd print ever on pc) so I rely on my mendel90 kit user manual examples for now, but indeed, using skeinforge directly is a PITA
@Karan_Chaphekar you can find it there :

Did you get a different hot-end with your Mendel90 kit? My kit came with a 0.4mm J-Head. I think there is a number stamped on the heater block, if it says 4 it’s a 0.4mm nozzle.

220 degrees C works fine for the faberdashery PLA from the kit but I use 185 for PLA from other shops.

I also printed this part using the faberdashery green PLA but I used Slic3r and it came out fine. I sliced it for 0.3mm layers, 0.4mm nozzle, 220C and a diameter of 2.84.

You also might want to post in the Mendel90 subforum on

@Gert-Jan_Brink how did you overcome the issue of Slic3r putting prints off-grid with the Medel90? I cannot get slic3r to work with mine at all?

@Jason_Ray , @Sanjay_Mortimer is right. Under Printer Settings, make sure the Print center is at 0,0.

Currently, my favourite slicer is KISSlicer, send me a message if you want a copy of my Mendel90 setting files.

+Olivier Jolly
Were you printing from SD or USB? When printing from USB the PC can pause and the filament oozes because there is no axis movement but also no rewind at that point. That can give loose loops like that.

Another way it can happen is if the extruder acceleration is set too high so it stalls while rewinding but if you use the firmware provided that should not happen.

@Gert-Jan_Brink @Sanjay_Mortimer I’m trying adjusting the center settings now. It has been set at 100,100, which is what I thought was center so I have been confused.

@Jason_Ray In nopheads firmware for the Mendel90 the origin (0, 0) is the center of the bed. -100, -100 is the back right corner and +100, +100 is the front left corner.

I found it confusing as wel :wink: So I changed the firmware to go from 0 to 200 instead of -100 to 100.

It’s warming up now. It lined up correctly in Pronterface this time.

@Gert-Jan_Brink @Sanjay_Mortimer 0,0 Worked! so far so good. It’s amazing to noticed the differences in the slicing technology. I think Skeinforge is an awesome tool, but I was spending more time trying to learn it then learn how to model in 3D and read so much about Slic3r that I had to get it to work. Thanks for your help!

thx for the answer, I printed it from USB, right now it’s printing via SD. I also cleaned the nozzle and used the PTFE tubing to bring the filament to the cold end (I didn’t at first, I was impatient …). If not working, I’ll try with another slicer and/or a slightly lower temp.
@Gert-Jan_Brink my nozzle is the default one, a 0.4mm indeed. I’ll give a try at slic3r. I was giving a try in cura, but I feel like it’s missing the ooze free start which, if I understand correctly, was part of the skeinforge configuration delivered with the mendel90 kit. thx for the insight.

The loops of filament are definitely not a slicer problem.

Printing from sd improved marginally the quality. I’ll move the topic to the reprap forum as suggested by gert. Thanks to all.

For reference, it seems like my Z_HOME_POS was too low (I had no spare rods to find out the real height) my nozzle was extruding too high and the filament had time to make loops before touching the underlying layer. thanks to you for your assistance.