Anyone come across a laser head made by ANNOY TOOLS?

I’m looking to buy a diode laser head for an engraver I’m building. I’m on a very tight budget but (naturally) I want the biggest ‘bang’ for my money that is feasible. My current choice is a 40W (actually about 12-14 W optical) laser head I’ve sourced for just under £100 (typical price is £120-£150 on ebay/amazon). This should work well, but I don’t know the manufacturer and I sort of assume it will be a Chinese job - which is not necessarily a problem.

Before I splash my cash I thought I’d ask if anyone has experience or knowledge of either this firm, or similar kit, which they are willing to share. (A link to an identical unit on Amazon is included below for anyone who wants more detailed specs, but it appears to be a fairly standard package, with a 450nm blue diode laser, running at 12V and around 4-5 amps with pwm/ttl at the usual 0-5V).
There are no extras with it but I don’t really need any. It will be used for engraving and will sit on a fairly conventional x-y aluminium frame, which I’m making now, i’#m also going to put a z-axis stepper into it, designed to give about 7-8 inches of up-down movement. My source claims that it is capable of cutting ply, acrylic and other thin materials - up to 3 or 4mm - which would be a nice bonus if true, but no great problem if not).

Does anyone know (of) this kit or similar? Are there any red flags I should know about? Am I making a big mistake? My knowledge is paper thin and very young so it is entirely possible :slight_smile: .
(I should say that I’m not expecting an outstanding laser for this sort of money and will be happy with a unit that can throw out a few watts reasonably reliably on demand like most similar units seem to do.).

The issue of controller is the subject of another thread, but I’ve tried to make sure that this unit can be used with controllers that other members have kindly suggested, but again I’m very much flying by the seat of a very thin pair of pants on this :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Link to same model of unit on Amazon

I think Annoy is the seller, not the manufacturer.

I would ask (in the Amazon questions) to see if you can get:

  • Who is the manufacture?
  • What are the interface specifications? So you can know how to properly drive it.
  • Optical specifications:
    • Lens type: (focal point doesn’t match any of the standard lenses)

I found this one while searching for the one you linked:
I like that it has an adjustment slide included. I am building one for mine.
Know-nothing of that vendor either.
10W optical power, 2x mine :(.

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Thanks Don - I hadn’t seen that one. I’ll have a closer look and, as you suggest, ask on Amazon about the lens.
I have a little bit more info about the interface than the Amazon unit specifies. The one I’m considering is being sold by a local retailer called ‘Davy’s Locker’ - a fascinating shop which sells the weirdest range of products I have ever seen - ranging from household staples such as kitchen foil and brillo pads, through to rarities such as a range of precision German air rifles and several beautiful (expensive) Japanese swords. I spotted the laser amongst his stock last week and we settled on £90, subject to me doing some more checks.
(I often call in to browse his wonderful eclectic offerings and I would advise any visitor to Rhyl to do the same.)

BTW I found this today while researching my adjustment slide.

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Thanks Don,
I’ve only quickly scanned the link but it looks like a goldmine. I’ll check it out in more detail later.
Best wishes

Forgot to include this one:

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I thought acrylic was transparent to that frequency and therefor couldn’t be cut or engraved.


It won’t cut clear but there is evidence it will cut black acrylic. Bunch of YouTube on this and engraving on clear with a steel backing plate.

Black acrylic definitely has the necessary chromophores to absorb the visible light spectrum. :grin:

Why a ‘steel backing plate’?

Is it steel for a reason?

I’ve done some work with acrylic that wouldn’t tolerate and kind of reflection, so I put another layer of acrylic underneath to absorb any extra energy. Probably overkill…

I engraved a friends stainless steel label for him. Was ‘labeled’ as laser-able coated, cost me a lens. Of course they didn’t say what kind of laser.

I guess the reflection did it in. I use one of the powders to mark stainless now.

Black acrylic kind of limits what you can do, but at least you can do something with it.



This is the video.
Haven’t tried it and don’t know the principle of operation. I think the coated surface of the steel deposits on the back of the acrylic.


I’ve notice that when I do 12" square mirrors that a lot of the coating I’ve lased off is stuck to the nozzel.

Wonder if that would give you more ‘debris’ to stick to the acrylic… I assume you can etch the back of a mirror with an led laser…