Anyone care to share,

Anyone care to share, their Repetier/Slic3r settings for the @Printrbot Simple (with the GT2 belt mods) ? I wonder how I can optimize it so it prints faster with keeping decent quality.

This is what I generally use:

It’s basically a 0.3mm layer with 40% honeycomb infill.

@Brook_Drumm would love to see your optimize settings. The Metal simple (beside it size) is pretty mush a wood Simple with GT2 belts as far as the Slic3r are concerned. Yes it has MUCH stronger mechanical, but I think we should be able to print as fast on a wood Simple with GT2 belts as a Metal Simple. No ?


You can go to 1/4 step on the motors vs 1/16 step.

@Evan_Nguyen But you would loose a lot of accuracy no ? And this correspond to a Slic3r setting or more a Marlin firmware setting ?

You shouldn’t since you’ve upgraded to the gt2 belt. It firmware and hardware change. I don’t know the exact details since I’m powering my printrbot with Ramps 1.4. Dumped the printrboard a while ago.