Anyone build a Foldarap?

Anyone build a Foldarap? After seeing Jeffersons folding desk I’m considering folding portable designs :slight_smile:

Haven’t built one yet, but the OpenBuilds v-slot beams could be particularly well suited to throwing together something functional:

Interesting… Where’s a good place to get aluminum extrusion in general? I’d love to find a local source but I’m not getting my hopes up :).

I’m also trying to find info on the extruder design but the reprap wiki isn’t loading for me… :frowning:

Hi Jason. I was looking at the Portabee before finally settling on the amazing Mendel90 (very light and sturdy, but doesn’t fit in my carry on)… I still have a dream of whipping out a 3d printer and a tablet out of my tote and printing anywhere off a solar/battery powered cell…

This is partially why I’m building the Prusa i3 single-plate design: I usually travel with the thing whole, in my trunk, but if I’ve gotta store it/pack it on an airplane I can fold it down like this and pack it on with me.