anybody use MOJO here?

anybody use MOJO here?

You mean this ? T $10K $300/kg FDM machine?

yes! this one. we just bought this machine 3 weeks ago and tried 2 times but not going well. and each time we tried, we got error messages.

Can I ask why you picked this printer? Did you buy it, or are you leasing it? It has a 5x5x5" capacity, why not look at the Up! printer?

Wow, that’s quite a ripoff.

Or an @Ultimaker or a Bukobot or pretty much any other Printer in the OpenSource / FDM / LowCost Segment.

well, its not really my choice. I work for somebody as 3d artist and he just got this machine, i believe because he wants to use machine from Stratasys. maybe he just didn’t find dealer in our area,(Montreal, Canada) I’m new to this 3d printing as well…:frowning:

what’s the error? Have you tried turning it off and on again?

oh yes! we finally had chance to tried a print last week. first attempt was error and I don’t believe that, so I just kept turning on and off, got 4 times different error. at 5th try, the machine finally took and worked but during the printing, my partner went back to have a look then the plate has moved…! so all the printing went bad… :frowning:

Well, given that this is a commercial product, you should have some support from stratasys. If the error keeps changing, maybe try a firmware upgrade?

Alternately, you can ship it to me and I’ll send you back a working 3d printer.

the funny thing is we called Stratasys, they told us they don’t do service at Mojo machine, the client has to do by themselves. that’s the point I went on and trying the turn on/off.

why ship to you? I don’t know you??? :slight_smile:

is there any machine similar to this, and can make as detail layers?

Ship it to me cuz I want to dismantle it and see how it works. I would send back a different printer… but I’m mostly kidding. I certainly won’t fix a corporation’s idea of a cheap printer.

Comparable printer - my 1.5 year old reprap prusa can do .1mm layers without breaking a sweat. But so can almost all RepRap machines, including some pre-assembled ones - solidoodle ( seems like a good match - $700 if you spring for the enclosure. That’s seven hundred, not thousand.

nice one!

this solidoodle seems pretty cool, but when the machine doing the print, does it print the support material as well? Do u have website so i can see what kind of model you print??

Bukobot for the rescue

@Chiali_Tsai has lots of nice pictures of the quality a RepRap-class printer can achieve.
You can turn support material on and off for each print. Most prints don’t require support material anyways.

@Chiali_Tsai this is a dealer product, which is why Stratasys is not offering support.

If you are using Solidworks to design in, it is likely that your vendor also sells the mojo (even if your boss got it somewhere else). You should be able to contact them to get at the very least, paid support. I did a quick search and found this in your area:

Also, this community is more of an open source, hobbyist community. These guys are the pioneers for this emerging tech. To me, it’s kind of like Android vs Mac, if that makes sense.

Have you looked for a newsgroup for the mojo? If you cannot find one, I’d suggest starting one. These machines are small and cheap and are being advertised hardcore. I’m sure many are facing identical hurdles.

we kind have a different understanding of “small and cheap”

One more and I’ll stop. Promise! Most sellers of these little boxes should have their own forums on their websites. May take some searching… Good luck!