Anybody in Europe backed the ViKi LCD and got a spare one to sell

Anybody in Europe backed the ViKi LCD and got a spare one to sell to me asap?

It would find good use with my #Printxel and an upcoming project where I need to go mobile with it.


Oh that one looks nice in black but more or less the same as the reprapdiscount smart lcd that i use.

Do you know if these reprapdiscount ones are also compatible with the Azteeg X1 3DP v1.5 ?

No, sorry. No idea. I have them running with rumba boards and there its more or less plugnplay. Just some small edits in configuration.h and pins.h. The lcd controller is connected with the exp1 and exp2 in the top left corner: Seems your board doesnt have something like that but perhaps you can hook it up at different pins.

Roy’s not posted the user guide for the Viki to X1 yet. Though I think there is enough information between the X1 schematics and the Viki schematics to figure it out. If you can find the schematics for either the reprap discount board or their UI then we could check compatibility.

The Viki actually ships with a cable that breaks out into individual pins for maximum flexibility. I’d think something similar would work for other UI’s.

the schematics for the smartlcd can be found here:

hmm. Maybe that wasn’t so useful after all. That’s a whole lotta pins. Maybe it would be easier to work backwards and start with Marlin. Either way it looks like it won’t be as straight forward as I thought.

It looks so great - like a NES