Anybody had much success exporting SVG from Sketch for MacOS into LaserWeb4?

Anybody had much success exporting SVG from Sketch for MacOS into LaserWeb4? I have an oldish version of Sketch and the SVG export seems to be a bit ( wait for it… ) sketchy :wink: - I’m currently using Inkscape to do SVG designs but it’s running in X11 on OSX and is less than a great experience.

I’ll be happy to buy the latest version of Sketch if anyone can tell me the SVG export is working properly…if not - what do other MacOS users use to design and export to LaserWeb? I’ve tried dabbling with various CAD packages but just find it a massive learning curve for the occasional design I want to make

I get the best results with AI ( I hate inkscape for osx ) .

If you are doing CAD designs I’ll recommend fusion360 or sketchup

Agree with Ariel. I use OSX as well as Linux and Win10 - Inkscape is a less than desirable experience on Linux and OSX - ironically it works best for me on windows. For Vector design I seem to keep falling back to Fusion360 for non artsy things. I also use (gasp) Vcarve for vector editing and layout. It works pretty good but also isn’t cheap. ($20/mo for Ai isn’t cheap either). SVG support however is lacking in the ancient version I own (however I can run this in Wine on Linux and OSX).

I’ve never used Sketch…may have to look into it. For $100 and an app you are familiar with your could easily make that up with time not wasted and it comes with support for a year - so if it doesn’t work maybe they would fix it.

Might try this: - for $10 it might be worth it to just give it a shot and it has a 7-day free trial.

Thanks for your feedback guys. I played around with SketchUp for a while but then got frustrated by the export to one format, use a different tool to convert into another format. Eventually I downloaded a 30day trial of the latest version of Sketch and it seems to render the SVG into LaserWeb4 just as i expect so fingers crossed this is my solution. I haven’t tested it yet as my K40 is in bits. I finally got tired of the 1970’s paint job and have bought some black and orange paint to spruce it up a little…pictures to follow