Anybody got any WS2813 pixels yet? Looks to be another WS2812b update.

Anybody got any WS2813 pixels yet?

Looks to be another WS2812b update. Biggest news is the ability to skip over a non-functioning pixel to keep controlling the rest of the string (unless two consecutive pixels are out). However they also upped the PWM to 2KHz.

It comes in 4 variations (WS2813A - WS2813D). There are 18mA/channel and 5 mA/channel variants (3 times that for current/pixel). The latter has a dark current of 0.2ma, a new low, if you want to add them to the table. And there are normal and high efficiency versions of each - or perhaps they are just binning them and the low efficiency ones are those that didn’t make the premium cut; high efficiency are spec’d at being brighter for the same current.

And there’s the 2818 discrete chip (like 2811) version, also with the “skip single malfunctioning chip” scheme.

The trick for that is that there are two inputs, and the output of each chip is wired to inputs on the next two chips. If the normal input is not receiving data but the secondary input is, it uses the latter instead. Probably pretty handy for large displays, so individual failures don’t take down the rest of the strip.

Other than providing an update to the chipsets information table, no implications for FastLED, just interesting for the community.

The SK6822 has a very similar error tolerance mechanism.

Very interested in these as well as the WS2814 but need a source to acquire some?