Any word on photon support?

(Erin St. Blaine) #1

Any word on photon support? :slight_smile:

(Jason Coon) #2

I thought you were working on that, Erin?! :slight_smile:

(Erin St. Blaine) #3

@Jason_Coon photons go by so quick I can’t seem to catch one and hold it still long enough.

(JP Roy) #4

@Erin_St_Blaine and they are so freakin’ small !!!

(Mark Kriegsman) #5


Photon support is “on the list”, and Dan and I both have hardware in hand, so the big missing ingredient is time. With FastLED 3.1 out for real, and a few nit-picky bugs getting fixed, we’ll be starting a new round of hardware support and refactoring etc.

We’ll post as soon as there’s anything to see.

Also, I sort of keep wondering if Photon support will “just work” if we treat it like a Spar…er… Particle…

(Erin St. Blaine) #6

thanks Mark!

(Daniel Garcia) #7

@Mark_Kriegsman it won’t - STM changed the GPIO register layout/usage between the two STM32 chips used in the particle vs. the photon. (I haven’t gotten as far as looking at the SPI hardware yet)

(Mark Kriegsman) #8

By which I mean Drat.