Any updates on who is going to Print it forward next?

Any updates on who is going to Print it forward next? Having wishful thinking that someone will print my parts so it’ll arrive by end of month. And I can start building away.

so i’ll go ahead and set expectations for you that i doubt you’ll get prints done before the end of month. several folks are going to midwest reprap festival this month AND judging from my own experiences (i found a super helpful/nice dude on reprap to print for me), it is NOT a quick process. especially if they run into technical or life-related difficulties (remember, they are doing us a favor!)

hey Gus,
if you need any help printing parts, I can help you … i am starting my prints for the Eustathios-Spider-V2 soon … you can mail me and we can take it from there

i can’t promise end of month, i figure as soon as my belts show up ill be then just 1 day of calibrating, and then printing away

@Seth I’m just keeping the ball rolling. I’m not expecting end of month either.

Anyone have updates on this? I myself received the frame. Need printed parts to finish up and some wiring. Moving to another place before I can put time into this.