Any tips on using the new Printrbot ​ Very Metal (Black!) Ubis Hotend?

(John Davis) #1

Any tips on using the new @Printrbot ​ Very Metal (Black!) Ubis Hotend? Just got mine and planning to wire/fire it up this weekend (may have to modify the carriage of the GO! V1 to make room for the fan). Any advice on settings? Same thermistor tables in Marlin? Is 0.5 mm still about the max for retraction? Wiring advice? Experiences?

(Pascal POECK) #2

Got mine too. I’ll take a first try this weekend as well so we will see :wink:

(Griffin Paquette) #3

I’ve had two for about 4 months now. They are awesome hotend!! A couple things I would say:

Definitely reprint the fan shroud. I found mine that was really tight initially to be sliding down now. Also double check that the tip is tightly screwed in. Mine became a little loose. @Brook_Drumm ​ might be able to give a little more insight into this but I believe there was a retraction threshold you needed to stay in. I use a bowden setup so I use a different value.

Nice choice! They are amazing hotend!

(Brook Drumm) #4

The new models are ever so slightly different. The heartbreak is so different that Carl is talking about giving new heartbreaks to existing owners… We shall see.

Without getting into the weeds, the heartbreak is longer- so up to 1mm retraction. I start with 0 and work back so you aren’t wasting time with some ridiculous retraction you don’t need. Quality is best with the most minimal amount of retraction possible.

Let us know what you think of the new hotend!


(Matt Harrington) #5

@Brook_Drumm , heartbreak?

(Mark “MARKSE” Emery) #6

Heartbreak heatbreak. Someone should trademark that.

(Griffin Paquette) #7

Also forgot to mention. Unless the thermistor has changed I the revision it’s the same table that the original Ubis uses. I just copied the Pid values from the normal printrbot marlin

(Brook Drumm) #8

Ha!! Heatbreak… iOS spell cerrect!

(John Davis) #9

Thanks @Brook_Drumm ​ and @Griffin_Paquette ​, it turns out I’ve got to print a new mount for my active cooling fans first (it’s donut shaped and too tight to accommodate the fan on the hotend) but at least I don’t have to modify the carriage itself. With any luck I’ll get printing with the Metal Ubis tomorrow. I’ll report back.

(Chris Heiser) #10

@Brook_Drumm are there any docs on installing these in a dual extruder metal plus? I can’t seem to find any info and I don’t want to short out my printrboard.

(Chris Heiser) #11

Whatever Carl did to these hotends, it’s magic. Nice smooth layers, no strings, and all after just a few hours of playing with it and dialing it in.

And I solved my fan problem by using a spare 4-pin power extension cable and a bit of solder.