Any tips on how to print the axel shafts to the drive shafts as

(David Baron) #1

Any tips on how to print the axel shafts to the drive shafts as durable as possible. What material are you using?
I’ve found these to be the part on the car that gets most beating. I think I’ve got to workable prints with T-glase, but still find them quite fragile and afraid that they wont last long.

Could it be an idea to redesign these so that they work more like the Bavel Drive Gear (the gear that drives the front and back diffs on the central drive shafts?


(Daniel Norée) #2

@David_Baron i print them in Polycarbonate now, it’s the most durable so far (for me anyway).

(David Baron) #3

Yea, I think I’ve managed harden my prints a bit more by fixing print settings. Right now I’m trying to print a modified version of the axel shaft, see it here

if that doesn’t improve it am thinking about making the hole thing into ONE solid, and pause the print in half to put on the bearings. Kind of dirty, but might be worth a try. I’ll upload the step if I see any improvements of the testing

(Benjamin Groves) #4

I like the print as one part with a pause thing - I will look into that too.

(David Baron) #5

Cool, I’m testing the other 2part model I showed in a link above. Seems pretty good. Making it to one single solid with a pause to out on bearing would eliminate one more week point in this part. I’ve pretty much have a finished stl for that if you want me to upload it

(Benjamin Groves) #6

thanks David, will do. I am still in early stages.

(David Baron) #7

@Benjamin_Groves I’ve uploaded the “one part model” at, feel free to test, redesign, do what ever you want with it. I haven’t tested it my self, but it’s dimensionally correct and adopted to be able to put on the bearings mid print.
If you haven’t tried it before, many slicers have the ability to tell the print to pause at a certain layer, that way you don’t have to be there and pause it at an exact moment

(Benjamin Groves) #8

Well do.

I asked my peers about pausing and resuming a print cleanly. They recommended editing the G-Code.

Inserting the Gcode into the file

After slicing, use the Paths view, and raise the vertical height slider (immediately to the right of the main view) to find the height at which you want to begin the new color.
Save the GCODE output file, and open it with Notepad or some other text editor (Scite is free).
Find a line like this, where the Z value is just under the height you want to start the new color: END_LAYER_OBJECT z=6.00
Insert this section of Gcode, which works with Pronterface:

If using Pronterface: (for Octoprint or Repetier, the inserted code is different - see below)

G28 X0; move head out of way (will preserve feedrate)
M117 — Insert Bearings now —
M0 ; pause the print - waits for open and close of filament switch
G28 X0 ; fix up in case head got moved while changing filament

It should be before a few lines like this:
; Reset extruder pos
G92 E0

the Z value there should be the value you want to start the new color with.
Message to the User
The M117 command will echo whatever follows it on that line, to the log window. Use it to indicate what the pause is for.

M117 Change to BLUE
M117 !!! Change Color !!!
M117 Put In whatever color you like
M117 Insert Coin