Any thoughts on this forum vs. Google group? This forum is not really searchable.

Any thoughts on this forum vs. Google group? This forum is not really searchable.

i agree… although this place is better sometimes for sharing project videos and photos and sometimes posting news - because I have a feed on google+, but I don’t go regularly check all of my google groups to see whats been posted lately. It’s a shame they don’t merge google groups and google+ communities - those things actually would fit together unlike some of the other forced associations.

There is already a google group setup for ChiliiPeppr:!forum/chilipeppr (just in case anybody doesn’t already have the URL).

Personally, I find email better for most things. G+ is nice when you just want to share a picture.

I find it much harder to find old threads on G+ that I haven’t saved a URL for. With gmail, I find the searching works much better. I have filters setup to move each group’s messages under a separate label, so my inbox doesn’t get flooded.

I do wish there was a search function in here.

It looks like there is a search within the community. Goto the community home page: and underneath the chilipeppr picture on the left is a search box which says “Search community” (above the words “All posts”)

since the death of google+ has been predicted by… well… everyone… i think it would be great to merge google groups and google+ communities. Basically, leave the forum functionality with google groups and email notifications, etc… but also have a feed so you can to one place and see all the latest posts from the various communities/groups you belong to.

guess we need to get the ear of @Bradley_Horowitz for something like that.

From what I’ve read I don’t think G+ is going anywhere, though it will change. I like G+ for keeping up to date with what others are doing, and I like Groups for discussing things over the long term.