Any source for bellows to protect an axis from dust and shavings in Europe

Any source for bellows to protect an axis from dust and shavings in Europe ?
For the most important axis 45mm width would fit.

Or for brush-strips to finish my vacuum cleaner attachment
( )?

I ordered and payed from in december and still haven’t gotten any delivery (and they don’t react to emails, contact-forms or last-notice paper letters and put you off on the phone).
Sadly that’s the only source I could find.

If its ok thre is diy on instructables

I could never find the right material. Don’t want to use paper. It’s too thin.

I’m used to buying cheap stuff like this directly in china all the time but these are not popular enough to be offered. :confused:

Cant you use Strong platic bags??

They are all flimsy and thin here and won’t ever hold a fold.
I’d really like to avoid that work and just buy one.

That wont be easy the bellows for cncs are expecive since the have to withstand lot of strss

I payed 100eur for 2x 400mmx45mm .
Yes, expensive. But better to invest in this early instead of after the shavings have degenerated the precise ball screws.

What are the dimension of bellow you need and where are you from??

Y: 2x

Z: 2x U shaped


Ok Marcus I will let you know soon. The best choice of meterial Teflon coated umbrella cloth with wire fraim. It re really good and if the cloth is of good quaity dust wont stick much and can be easily cleaned. Here it cost about 10-15 $ per meter. It would last longer.

Sounds like a good idea.
I could also try >=600g/m^2 condura and sew the folds but that would be a lot of work on the sewing machine.

This could work for the X axis.
14eur/piece, no customs since we are below the minimum, free shipping from China to Europe (not unusual).

Yes it could work but its not much of dust resistant. If you dont want to do lot of work I would suggest just cover the bellows with the umbrella cloth so it would move freely and does not get tangled

I asked for 120x50mm U shaped for the Z-axis and will probably run this in the chanal of the X axis:

The important ball-screw is in the center and the smooth guide rods far enough from the sides too. So all dust would fall right through and no metal shavings get cought up in the ball screw bearing.

Great, they can custom make one for my Z axis for just 38usd with free shipping to Europe.

that good…