Any possible downsides to use those cellphone chargers to drive small amounts of leds?

(Franck Marcotte) #1

Any possible downsides to use those cellphone chargers to drive small amounts of leds? They come for cheap and are pretty convenient to use alongside a USB battery pack to make a project both portable and compatible with a wall outlet.

I’ve been researching if they should last for a long time under a constant moderate load (1A). I’m worried about long term. Any difference to a regular 2A PSU in your opinion?

(Martin Espinoza) #2

Most of the cheap ones are hot garbage with inadequate protection.

(Franck Marcotte) #3

@Martin_Espinoza Any recommendation on good ones?

(Jason Coon) #4

I’ve had good luck with Anker products, like this one:

(PaulStoffregen) #5
(Christopher Gaul) #6

Yeah. What @Martin_Espinoza said.
A lot of the aftermarket ones are just a gift wrapped house fire.

(Jason Coon) #7

As usual, Big Clive has some excellent videos on the subject:

(Franck Marcotte) #8

@Jason_Coon Any thoughts on eeco and Aukey brands? The form factor on these chargers fits exactly my needs :

The Anker ones seem awesome but they are a bit big and have a powerful status led… less an option for me since I want to retrofit existing projects.

Thank you!!

(Cogwun) #9

I’m using a 20,100mAh power bank. 3.4A max output. Jackery Force 420 Pro. Not cheap but they do smaller, cheaper ones. Apparently “Their professional line-ups all feature nine layer protection by well-known Texas Instruments chipsets for Li-on battery temperature control, protection against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcharge, over-discharge and overcurrent.” Sounds safe.

(Jason Coon) #10

@Franck_Marcotte I couldn’t find anything on eeco, but did find this teardown of an Aukey adapter:

Another article:,5328-4.html

(Franck Marcotte) #11

@Jason_Coon Great find! I ordered a bunch of different models to test including that Aukey. The teardown gives me hope, it looks solidly built for how compact it is.