Any one know of Borosilicate (or similar) glass suppliers in Aus (Adelaide would be

Any one know of Borosilicate (or similar) glass suppliers in Aus (Adelaide would be better) ?

Finally happy with me printer’s settings and calibration so when to do a large multi-item print and use the whole print bed surface to have the print fail, looks like the Acrylic bed I have has a ‘sag’ in the middle, I hadn’t notices till now as the widest item I had printed was 60mm wide. * sigh *

Acrylic + Heat is going to cause problems. You want to use materials that aren’t going to deform around a heated bed.

You shouldn’t need any special glass as long as the surface is evenly heated. I use 3mm thick window pane glass and the only time I’ve shattered it is when I adhered ABS to it a little too strongly.

Try with regular glass before trying to source borosilicate.

Thanks @ThantiK , I realised what was happening as soon as I noticed the print bed had sagged, it’s probably only 0.2-0.3mm but that’s a Lot when your printing at 0.1-0.2mm

OK Good to hear about the window glass working, I think I’d still put some Kapton on it so if it does crack for any reason it’ll hold together.

Now to figure out how to mount it on, I know I could just hold it in place with clips but that doesn’t make me happy in the long term. Already ideas come to mind though.

I also print straight on window glass. Have some Borosilicate but it didn’t fit my bed.

I’m using mirrored tiles from bunnings, about 6mm thick, held in place with bulldog clips.

I tried picture frame glass, but it was too thin and it flexed to fit the PCB heater instead of the other way around.

@Ross_Hendrickson It’s not hard to cut glass. Buy a good cutter, use light oil, press hard, and only make a single stroke. Practice on some cheap offcuts first, but it is definitely a skill worth learning.