Any one know is 51 oz-in is enough for a wade's extruder or any

Any one know is 51 oz-in is enough for a wade’s extruder or any other prusa i3 extruder?

With a wades where its geared down it should be fine… direct drive is another story. You do want to check the rated voltage to make sure is down below 5v and less than around 1.5a depending on your driver.

I believe its 6v and the controller can do 2+ amps no problem

6v is bad. You’re typically looking for a motor with a 2-4v rated voltage. You can’t microstep 6v motors very well past 1/4 step, unless you’re running a 24v system.

I hav heard a bit about this before. Where can I find some info on microstepping ?

The datasheet of your drivers (for example the A4988 or DRV8825) should be a good start as they explain many of the details of how the driver works.