Any one here know of a good 3d printer that will produce high impact

(Steve) #1

Any one here know of a good 3d printer that will produce high impact plastic ?

(Whosawhatsis) #2

Printers don’t produce plastic, plastic goes into them and they use it to produce printed objects.

Any printer that can print with ABS (generally, those with heated platforms) should also be able to print with high-impact polystyrene. Does that answer your question?

(Steve) #3

ok lets try this again i need a printer that will print high density plastic…

(Whosawhatsis) #4

Plastic extrusion printers pretty much universally print plastic at low densities, using a honeycomb structure inside to save time and material in the printing process. These patterns also help to counteract the warping forces that can cause prints to fail or be misshaped, so this process may not be right for your application.

In order to print with a plastic, the first step is to find a source of it as printer-ready filament. If you name some specific plastics that you’re looking for, someone might know where they can be found and what is required to print with them.

(Thomas Sanladerer) #5

ABS is generally a high-impact plastic, and is available in even higher impact grades, like ChiMei 747S. Nylon also has favorable properties when it comes to strength and elasticity, at the expense of the material’s stiffness.
The one plastic that has high density in its name is PE-HD, though that’s not a common material for FFF printers to use. Pretty much all plastics have densities around 1g/cm³. And while FFF printers generally print parts partially hollow, you can set them to print solid objects.

(Kurt Wendt) #6

If you want to print truly Dense pieces - and do it in ABS - as that’s already been suggested to be Hi Impact - you can get yourself a StrataSys Mojo printer. Its what I have. I can print solid pieces - and because of the Heated Build Chamber - the pieces always come out Perfect - with NO Warping. But, FYI - its Pricey - both as a Machine - as well as the Proprietary Plastic Cartridges. However, as people say - you get what you pay for - and when you pay the higher price - you get SOLID and Professional looking pieces produced!!!

(Normand Chamberland) #7

Here’s an idea I read on the Fabbaloo blog to make parts stronger: use low infill then inject the part with a glue gun.

I have yet to try this.