Any one have good write up on using different WCS such as G54 or

Any one have good write up on using different WCS such as G54 or G55 instead of offsets as offset is loss during soft reset (Contol X). I am using grble workspace. Became issue if I need to stop machine and restart g code sending.

Do you use homing limit switches?

Yes I have homing Limit switches. Issue is when I go Zero out to my work it does it via G92 which sets temp offset. I would like to use Other Work Space such as G54, G55, G56 ect. As those do not get lost if you need to do soft reset (Ctrl+X). I have found If i need to stop Gcode then I need to do Soft Reset to clear buffer then Temp offsets (G92) are lost.

See Photo

Click the G92 plane top of chilipeppr and disable it. And set your g54 as wcs and g53 as mcs see if this helps… Another alternative would be to drill a reference hole in the material this can be used as a reference marker if you need to set your Wcs X and Y. When doing this in your cam software set your 0,0,0 reference in the corner that works best for your machine and not from the center pocket/Peck drill a hole the same diameter as your tool and at least as deep as the tools diameter. This will allow you to jog the machine in to place lower your tool into the hole and reset X,Y zero’s

I don’t have home switches on my machine so I do not know if the first bit of advice will help this is just my understanding of how chilipeppr should work the second method I know will work and setting zero z is as easy as using a shim of known thickness to place between your work and cutter when you lower the tool and compensate if need be depending on how tight of tolerances you need

Will lookinto when I get back to my shop out on road today and tomorrow. thanks for advice.