Any one have any settings for marlin + E3d hotend they can share with

Any one have any settings for marlin + E3d hotend they can share with me?

Are you thinking of pid settings? I could look up mine if you want but they are just the result from auto tune.

Yea I noticed some comments in the config about preset hot end settings. How does one use autotune?

Try M303 S200 to perform auto tune at 200 deg Celsius. Then, as I understand, you can store the result in eeprom using M500. Just make sure you have enabled eeprom in configuration otherwise the M500 command is silently ignored.

With the E3D I usually get an “overtemp” error because it heats up so fast. I just try again before it has cooled down completely and then it usually works. There is a hard coded 10 degree limit somewhere that you probably could increase instead but I haven’t tried it yet.

@Stefan_Langemark as i understand it, you need to set the PID parameters with M301 before storing them in the EEPROM.
@Mike_Ashcraft make sure to run the autotune at the temperature you intend to print at, and add C10 to the command to have it run ten cycles, then use the last set of values it gives you.
You will probably need to increase MAXTEMP, as Stefan suggested.
My sub-optimal values are
#define DEFAULT_Kp 10.67
#define DEFAULT_Ki 0.58
#define DEFAULT_Kd 49.3
These give me a huge overswing when heating up of about 20°C and a constant ±1.5°C oscillation. Please share yours if you find some that work better.

@Thomas_Sanladerer have you tried pid tuning repetedly? After each time, flashing the new pid to firmware? I found even at c10 it took 4 or 5 iterations to dial it in.

@Tim_Rastall hm, it never occurred to me that your current PID values had an effect on the autotune’s results - i guess i’ll have to try a couple more times then.

Ok, so I had to look up my settings as well: P=10, I=0.55 and D=44. This is on a Melzi board and I have some issues with bed heating interfering with thermistor reading, so cannot really say how stable it is. It does not give that much overshoot.

@Tim_Rastall I thought increasing the number of cycles was to allow for surrounding material in the hot-end to reach or at least get closer to steady-state temperature. But I have not really seen any significant changes to the results when trying. I also believe running multiple times should not change things. Is there a bug lurking somewhere? Or is this caused by some electronics or hardware issues that I fail to see? Or is it just magic?

Sorry @Mike_Ashcraft for turning you question into a metaphysical discussion :wink:

Lol see this is why I ask things like this because its important to understand how the firmware is working

@Stefan_Langemark I’ve observed the same effect with jhead and e3d. Give it a go and i bet you’ll see a different value on thecsecond pass