Any of you geniuses here have any idea how i could go about modeling

(Cristian Martinez) #1

Any of you geniuses here have any idea how i could go about modeling one of these? I know 3D printed wont be clear but thats irrelevant. I just need to be able to print about 50 of them for my decorations lol

(Gato) #2

Maybe with Blender

(Cristian Martinez) #3

Think you would be able to pull it off?

(Kevin) #4

Get a glass or some container tall enough to submerge the lights in, fill it with a clear epoxy and dip them let them dry and repeat until they are the thickness you desire. Never tried it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

(Cristian Martinez) #5

A non-3D printing aproach. Interesting

(Kevin) #6

Might be a good idea to apply the epoxy between the lights first before you start dipping so it won’t bulge in and out between the lights.

(bernd slemmen) #7

Rather buy decorations in a shop and then modify them yourself , as required . Edible decorations can be consumed after their removal . Discarded glass jars and bottles may be spray - painted and fitted with LED lights through their metal lids .

(Neal Grieb) #8

2 part snap together print. Easy peasy. Faster to print, holds lights, no problem. Glue them together with epoxy if needed. Epoxy is messy, expensive, and fairly heavy, I’d only use it so glue and fill gaps for waterproofing.

(Cristian Martinez) #9

Yeah but a pack of those things is $40 and id need 3 or 4 of them so thats $160 plus my own hardware lol

(Cristian Martinez) #10

@Neal_Grieb designing that shape is hard for me. Im used to squares and holes in f360

(Neal Grieb) #11

That would just be a cone, then a shell. Then import the finished shell STL in Blender, user the remesh modifier, and alter the outside if you really want the crackled look. What size are the bulbs?

(Cristian Martinez) #12

That works :slight_smile:

(Cristian Martinez) #13

WS2812B LED strips

(Jeff DeMaagd) #14

Nice. I was thinking it’s now possible to do different color themes with WS LEDs to make light string decorations more broadly usable. Then it could be “spooky” colors for October, harvest colors for the rest of autumn, and whatever colors you like for December. Patriotic colors for your country’s independence day celebrations.

(Cristian Martinez) #15

Yeup. I want those crystals for christmas lol. Ive never used blender before but theres always a first :slight_smile:

(Neal Grieb) #16

What are the physical dimensions of the fattest part of the strands? I can make you a quick tutorial.

(Cristian Martinez) #17

Like the Led Strand?

(Cristian Martinez) #18

I believe theyre 10mm wide i can double check thou

(Cristian Martinez) #19

As far as the icicles they can vary in size including length. Variations are welcome so a tutorial would be amazing

(MidnightVisions) #20

Just buy them, can’t get much cheaper than that when you factor in led’s and wiring. Go to a discount store, and ask for an additional discount cause your buying 50.