Any news on whether v1.83 will be more stable ?

Any news on whether v1.83 will be more stable ?
I am using v1.80 right now

I’m glad I can stick with the version of SPJS I am running since I have had no issues. I REALLY wish I had that ability with Chilipeppr itself.

So version 1.83 is solid for everyone but Grbl users on Windows. TinyG users on Windows are not having issues. That’s the part throwing me/us off. I say us because the change was a collaboration with the developers since they are embedding SPJS in their upcoming Web IDE. They are helping look into it right now by actually installing Grbl on an Uno and seeing the garbled text.

Henry, you aren’t seeing anything other than garbled text right?

I am unable to run on SPJS 1.83 and grbl workspace with Arduino Uno and grbl 0.9. SPJS 1.80 works fine.

Correct. 1.80 works fine. 1.83 is only for TinyG and Grbl users on Mac or Linux. Still investigating why Windows/Grbl/1.83 is getting garbled text. For the record, SPJS is stable. This is just a unicode formatting problem on Windows.