Any info on Star Micronix HIDRelay

I’ve an USB controlled relay board. It features two relay and is declared to be HID compatible. Apparently it is made by “Star Micronix Ltd.”

It appears as idVendor=0x519, idProduct=0x2018

I’m not able to find any info on how to make a program to control it. I’d prefer to use PyUSB, but any hints would be a good start.

Many thanks for any info about the thing

Point us to a purchase/product link.
Did you install a driver for it?

here is the amazon link:

I didnot install any driver, because I’m testing it on Linux, and btw I did not find any windows driver.

moreover being an “HID” device it sound noto requie anche driver

Sorry, my last reply was funny due to the bloody corrector.

I was saying that to my understanding an HID compatible device should not require a specific driver under windows

Maybe this will work as a few things I found while searching mentioned a similar protocol for these USB controlled relay boards. The pictured board looks like the one you are using and there is a Python extension( python3 required ):


Many thanks, Doug.

It works with my relais!

Have a good time


Good to hear. Two things you can do if you so chose which can help others:

  1. Mark my post as Solution
  2. If you have a github login leave a post in the “Issues” section saying thanks and that it worked for you on OS_name OS_version. Developers often don’t hear anything but problems.
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