Any ideas how I can program my new esp8266 that i have connected through

(Mark Chaney) #1

Any ideas how I can program my new esp8266 that i have connected through usb on my chromebook? I can program my arduno uno using codebender, but i dont think it has esp8266 support.

(Mike Thornbury) #2

Use the Java tool - ESPlorer

(Claus Kühnel) #3

You can use an actualized Arduino IDE w/ ESP8266 support included or you flash NodeMCU and program in Lua.

(Mark Chaney) #4

Are people really that unfamiliar with Chrome OS? No java support and you can’t install drivers, etc.

(Mike Thornbury) #5

Of course you can load drivers - if you know what you are doing.

If you are such an expert in Chrome OS, why are you asking for help?

Chrome OS is a neutered internet-focused variant of linux. If you want to do more than surf and use internet tools, install Ubuntu or Debian on it and stop trying to make a carthorse run a steeplechase.

(Mark Chaney) #6

I never said or implied that I was an expert in anything, I just know I can’t run Java on it or install drivers. At least not without using something like chrubuntu and something I’d like to avoid. Yes, I probably should have bought a laptop that I could natively run Linux on or a MacBook, but I honestly only use a laptop a few times a month. I knew most arduinos already work on the chromebook, so was hoping their was an option for these guys. No biggie.

(Tim Hayward) #7

Did you make any progress on this? It seems very do-able.

(Mark Chaney) #8

@Tim_Hayward I think codebender might support it now