Any idea why this kind of texture is happening? Im printing on ABS,

(lightshadown) #1

Any idea why this kind of texture is happening? Im printing on ABS, and already dried the material, like 6 hours

(Thomas Bornhaupt) #2

little differences in diameter of filament.

(Xenomorpheus) #3

ABS often has heating/cooling issues. Make sure your extruder and bed are hot while printing.

(Fen) #4

I start on the visual trouble shooting guide and go from there,

(Richard Karlson) #5

Might be bed temperature cycling

(Tim Sills) #6

I was just dealing with a rough texture similar to this and found that my print head was just a bit too low. IMO I would reduce the amount of extrusion by 5% as well as slightly raise the head. I think it’s so close that you’re seeing the built up pressure as it’s trying to extrude and that’s why the extrusion is inconsistent. Here’s an iPhone case (in PLA though) with the head height adjusted and extrusion tweaked.
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Timothy Boss) #7

Layer thickness and extruder too close to print surface. Looks like it might have raised from the printbed when it printed.

(Greg V) #8

Do you have an enclosure?

(lightshadown) #9

@Greg_V nope, and it was like 15 C on the room, meabe it was that.

(mark warlick) #10

Don’t know, but it looks great.

(Matt C (Matt C)) #11

I’m in the camp of “over extrusion”. With the pressure spoken of by the others the plastic needs to go somewhere and if it can’t go out to the side it goes up in the ridges you have there. I have had the same in PLA and just reduced the extrusion percentage.

(Timothy Boss) #12

Separation between adjacent layers is important. Watch your % stepover and reduce it more. Looks lile trapped air. Happened to me while printing polycarbonate. Increased seperatiin distance and good to go.

(David Sanx) #13

For me it’s a overextruding problem!

(ThantiK) #14

Definitely overextrusion as everyone else has mentioned. When too much filament comes out of the end of the nozzle, usually the flat at the end of the nozzle is enough to smooth it down, etc. If you have too much material, it’ll leave this flat and start kind of developing these like…cuttlefish wings. It’s just a thin bit of material that hasn’t adhered to the bed properly and just kind of flaps around a bit waiting for the nozzle to come back around. As the nozzle comes back around again, it flattens the overextrusion, but that adds even more material to the overextrusion that’s already happening causing this to build up more and more.

(Petruse Mihai) #15

over extruding problem :slight_smile: