Any idea why the printer is pausing?

Any idea why the printer is pausing? 4 hours into a print and I see a couple bubbles and noticed that the printer is pausing.

I guess resting my hand on the printer and recording doesn’t produce the best video.

over hot ?

What controller are you using?

Are you over USB? This happened to me, too much USB traffic.

X5 mini

If using USB please note that besides traffic, communication errors due to interference may slow down data transfer too.

Right after this job was done I sped it up 30mms to 80mms. It printed great that time.

It is using USB to the laptop. Do I need to look at getting a high quality USB cable or is there possibly an issue with the X5 mini?

Don print over USB is the best solution. Use an SD card

Power saving in laptop interfering with USB. Made me crazy until last weekend. Problems disappeared when switching off all power savings. Printing now for hours via USB without any glitch.

Use an SD card. you can print much better. less pausing in the prints. and. if the PC goes down. your print wont fail