Any idea why my machine is stopping after about 25 lines.

Any idea why my machine is stopping after about 25 lines. I am receiving a “expect command letter” error. I do not see an issues with the gcode or commas or periods. The preview looks great - It just stops!
Using Chilipeppr and Grbl with a simple line cutting program.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Here is the code

G1 Z0.15000 F9.0

G0 X.25000 Y.25000
G1 Z-0.12222 F9.0

G1 X.25000 Y.25000 F300.0

G1 X.25000 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X4.12500 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X4.12500 Y0.25000 F300.0

G1 X8.00000 Y0.25000 F300.0

G1 X8.00000 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X11.8750 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X11.8750 Y0.25000 F300.0

G1 X15.7500 Y0.25000 F300.0

G1 X15.7500 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X19.62500 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X19.62500 Y0.25000 F300.0

G1 X23.50000 Y0.25000 F300.0

G1 X23.50000 Y29.25000 F300.0

G1 X24.50000 Y29.50000 F100.0

G1 X25.50000 Y28.50000 F100.0

G1 X25.50000 Y23.50000 F100.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y23.5000 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y27.37500 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y27.37500 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y19.62500 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y19.62500 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y15.75000 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y15.75000 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y11.87500 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y11.87500 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y8.00000 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y8.00000 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y4.12500 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y4.12500 F300.0

G1 X25.50000 Y.25000 F300.0

G1 X-1.50000 Y.25000 F300.0

G1 Z0.15000 F9.0
G0 X0.00000 Y0.00000

Is the entire program?

I’m with Jarret that this seems common lately but seems to be alarms on Grbl rather than something with ChiliPeppr or Serial Port JSON Server.

I was able to get around this with addijng a M6 code. I seems the Grbl can not handle the slow output of the machine so by putting a M6 code in there, it can catch back up??

hmm… that doesn’t sound right to me.

for the lines it is sending, does all the motion look right? also, if you send the same file using something like universal gcode sender, does it work ok there? lastly, what SPJS version and GRBL version are you using?

and I agree with Jarret and would go further… any limit switches without active filtering (not just R/C circuit filtering) is basically a lost cause in my book. I noticed HUGE amounts of noise from the limit switch lines. Once I added opto-isolators i finally had a system that could be trusted.

Everything looks great and then it just stops. After I inserted a M6 command in the middle of the code, it works great other than the babysitting of the machine. I did not care for the limit switch operations of the machine so they were not installed on this new 1000mm xcarve.

hmm… that is odd then. what version of GRBL and what version of SPJS?

Thanks for your help!
I think it is 0.9j. I do not know how to find the SPJS version (still learning).
Could this be a baud rate issue?

hmm… maybe post a screenshot of the Chilipeppr, or even better a video of it happening.