Any idea where to buy the extrusion in Canada.

Any idea where to buy the extrusion in Canada. I wish to avoid Misumi as they are in US (bad exchange right now) and they charged me 200$US of shipping on my last 90$ order (and you don’t know that until they ship).

I got mine from Aliexpress. They cut to length if you ask them to and you can do the drilling and tapping yourself easily.

I haven’t purchased from them, but there is also

Which vendor @Oliver_Seiler ​?

Same question as @Dat_Chu ​, what vendor did you use @Oliver_Seiler ​ ?

Thanks @dhylands ​, totally forgot about !

@Dat_Chu @Sebastien_Plante just search for 2020 extrusion

I bought from these guys
Quality was good.

That link is full of win. Wow.

AliExpress is full off good and bad things, it’s nice to have some references :slight_smile:

@Sebastien_Plante I’ve got most of my parts from AliExpress with the exception of electronics. So far the only issue I had was 95 nuts in a package that should have contained 100. The vendor gave me a 5% refund, which worked fine for me as I had enough of them anyway.
Check the reviews. The vendors die for a good review - so if you receive anything that you’re not happy with get in contact with them and normally they sort it out straight away.
The lead time can be a pain, but for me that’s also true for orders from the US :frowning:

I can’t seem to find the 2020 dual corner bracket from that store. Do they only carry 2020 brackets?

Comparison shop - especially the shipping. That link Oliver posted before would have cost $150 in shipping to me for 10 pieces, but for the same extrusion another vendor only charged $80. I always ask them to get a confirmed shipping price - I just got a shipping reduction from $150 to $50.

Nice to know!

@Mike_Thornbury you need to shop around - often there are multiple shipping options and as you pointed out it’s well worth contacting the vendor.
Fast shipping tends to be a bit more expensive.

I don’t have any choice. Non-fast shipping is often not offered to my location, and if it is, it takes a long time. I am still waiting for items shipped in January

@Mike_Thornbury Really? My extrusions turned up in NZ 2.5 weeks after I ordered and that was the slowest shipping option.

NZ isn’t a third world country… Yet.

But let Key have his head and you never know…

@Mike_Thornbury ​ we’ll soon be printing sheep and cattle :wink:

Dunno about an ABS hangi… might leave a bit of a tang…