Any idea how to extend the build volume of a ThingOMatic without rebuilding the

Any idea how to extend the build volume of a ThingOMatic without rebuilding the entire printer?

Is there physically any room inside the case for the extruder to move more? I don’t seem to remember any.

The extruder doesn’t move, the bed moves.

(One of many bad design decisions made by Makerbot. If the head moved, the usable build volume would be 2-3 times as big in each dimension.)

What, in both directions? Wow. Yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember that.

I’d say scavenge the motors and electronics (if you cant sell it for more than that, which you probably can) and start again.

How much extension are you looking for vs how much effort?

When I use (, it expands the Z-axis range to 125mm, where it almost (but not quite) falls off the drive screw, so increasing the Z-axis beyond that will require replacing the Z-axis motor/lead screw.

If you’re using the stock aluminum build plate, your X and Y limits are 120 mm, but unless you use a narrower carriage, you won’t get the full 120mm on the X axis. Conversely, the full Y travel will run off the front and back of the build plate. A custom build plate (and heater board) might net you another 10mm on Y, and a custom carriage might net another 10mm on X, but you’ll also have to notch the front face frame to allow the build plate to run out to full Y extension.

You could try ( which should give you the theoretical maximum for X, Y, and Z axis extension.

Any extension beyond that is going to require longer rods, belts, and drive screws, and you’ll need to increase the spacing of the Z guide rods, which will also require a wider Z platform. Frankly, at that point, building a new printer from scratch is easier.

Mine didn’t come with any aluminum plate. I’m looking for a way to expand X and/or Y.
I could rework it into a Type A Series 1 style machine but that’s something I don’t want to do before I have the #Makibox as a second printer. (Sold my old RepMan a few month ago).

@Marcus_Wolschon The TOM printhead doesn’t move because the original extruder was large and heavy. They changed that design as soon as they had a working small extruder … unfortunately for those of us who own TOMs, that design change couldn’t be retrofitted.

I’m currently planning to just scrap the ToM and put it’s tool-head and extruder control board onto my second CNC mill as an alternative tool to use.
It would be limited to “just” 4000mm/min with the current steppers as it’s a heavy ball-screw device but would allow to have only one machine in one transport-case while travelling.
Also still waiting for the Makibox HT (and Ramen filament recycler).