Any examples out there with parallel output and matrix?  I'm using the teensy 3.1

Any examples out there with parallel output and matrix? I’m using the teensy 3.1 with the octows2811 board and I have a total of 12 strips. I have sets of 3 strips each in a serpentine setup. So 1 data pin for each 3 strip setup for a total of 4. I’ve looked at the xy matrix example and the parallel example and not sure how to make them work together. Thanks for any help. I’ve only got a few days to get this going. I’m almost at the point where it might be easier to put them all on one pin even though the frame rate will be slower. It’s been a year since my last project so I’m a little rusty. Thanks for any help!

Not quite what you asked about but my cube is powered by a Teensy3.1 with OCTOWS2811 and each slice (QTY 8) of 64 LED is on a separate pin. The slices are wired in serpentine (or zig-zag) layout.
Hope it still helps…

Try this
It uses my cLEDMatrix class which you can get here
You will notice I have set the matrix height to 24, this is because you are only using 4 of the 8 outputs. Change the width to match your leds per strip. If your wired origin is not the same corner as you want 0,0 to be, you can make the width and/or height in the cLEDMatrix<> negative to reverse the axis.
The sample also assumes your serpentine layout is horizontal.
In your setup/loop you can then just use ‘leds(x, y)’ to access your LED’s.
One thing to mention is that when you download my is that you need to place the LEDMatrix folder directly into your Arduino Libraries folder. I will fix this soon :wink:

Awesome I will take a look! My serpentine layout is actually vertical. How hard is that to change?

Nevermind, looks like it’s super easy. I just looked at ledmatrix.h

The most important extra bit to mention is that it must be a true serpentine, 1st & 3rd data pin to one end and 2nd & 4th to opposite end as you are using 3 strips per data pin.

I ended up using one I had wired up with a single data line because of time restraints. I’m trying to find fire code for a matrix but all I see is an example for octows2811 library which isn’t what I need in this case. Can you point me where to look? I want to do an upside down blue pallet with it. Take a look at my daughter’s dress so far.