Any chance to do "Photo Engraving for Dummies" tutorial?

Any chance to do “Photo Engraving for Dummies” tutorial?
A was trying so many time and no success

I used 400 for Light,200 for Dark and power from 10% to 50%,
and various combination of all these parameters and no lucky.

My “laser_module_pwm_period” was 20 and 200 , and i don`t see any difference

Maybe i use wrong pictures?Should i prepare them in any special way?

When i cutting or do normal engraving all is fine

I dont know what im doing wrong now

@Damian_Trejtowicz ​ I here you, not an easy task. Mind that we have an expert Mr. @Alex_Krause ​ that will provide us with some of that magic hopefully soon. In the meantime post the original image and what has being what you consider the best approximation for us to review. Also mention the material

What firmware are you using?

latest smoothieware edge firmware-cnc.bin file

Are you using a single pin or double pin configuration?

im using single pin configuration

Are you connected through the L pin on the psu 4 pin connector that connected the stock board or are you running it through the center pin that was connected through the potentiometer?

And can you upload your config file to Google drive and share the link so I can peak at it?

im using L pin, potentiometer is still on place.
Only this configuration works with my PSU.
when i cut all power what i setup is like should be

this is my config file

and pic what im trying engrave

First thing I see is your max speed setting is 166mm/sec

ok, so i changed this for 6000mm/sec, so max limit is much higher like i want use

Acceleration is a bit low. Feed and seek rate I would also i crease to maybe double

Can you add. And image of the actual engrave?



@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Not to much to show, i have only black and white images, no shades.
I will double acceleration

Just the material and a look at what you have active can impact the recommendations as there are limits to what you can get based on those

So i changed all speeds and acceleration.
Material what im trying engrave is oak

grrrr another day and no success.
i dont have problems with vectors, and black and white rasters but i give up with photos