Any chance on automating a 3-axis touch plate?

Any chance on automating a 3-axis touch plate? Trying to figure out how to work this in for a TinyG v8 setup.

Hey Carl. I think I know what you’re talking about. We’ve talked about having a little cube that the spindle can “touch off” on in all 3 axes. The intention being to locate itself to a workpiece.
I think @Frank_Herrmann had this in his milling + PnP holder, but I don’t know how far that part got/ if it was working/ supported in CP.
Frank, can you elaborate on that idea?

There is a post in this group from a few months ago for super touch plate

I was just reading a thread on the inventors forum. Someone is making a really nice unit but it’s for arduino/grbl guys. I’m not even sure if it’s possible with a tinyg.

The gcode seems pretty straight forward though.

Looks like it uses the G38 probe command so it should work for tinyg.

I’ll search for the old thread.

Here is the workspace from Andy Meyer the original post. John you mentioned that you were looking at merging in to the default branch so it may be the default.