any 3D scanner recommended?

any 3D scanner recommended?
I am planing to print an Iron man suit for myself.
is there any 3D scanner that can generate compatible graphic format with 3D printer?

Currently, you won’t ever go from a 3D scan, directly to a print. You’ll need to learn some 3D modeling.

I think it would’ve pretty hard printing a iron man suit, but I like your drive to do it!

a slightly different route you may consider - if you go over to the Replica Prop Forum ( there are digital files that people have made for making costumes - lots of Iron Man variants if you hunt around. I think you may need to do some file conversions (Pepakura Designer _> obj _> stl or similar) but that would give you a much better starting point than trying to scan with something low end

the thing is, I don’t have Robert Downey, Jr’s body, so I may need to customize the model a bit, to fit my size.

If you have a computer with a good graphics card (I don’t, but it almost works) you could used reconstruct me. I have scanned my head, then used Meshlab to clean up the mesh, then did some additional work in sculprtris to fix the noise issues. It is not bad, apparently you could stitch multiple scans together in the council, but I have not been that adventurous.

RecostructMe can produce acceptable results for organic objects - better with the Carmine 1.09 sensor from what I understand. But it is still a bit noisy, which would be more of an issue with a hard surface object like an Ironman suit - just FYI

but if you have some 3d modeling skills, it could provide a good template object for resurfacing to create a clean mesh for printing

It is a pain in the butt to get a clean scan, and when your graphics card is not “fast” then scans are miserable. I am using the xbox Kinect and a $50 graphics card currently.

I have the Kinect PC & a GTX Titan. The images Ive seen from the Carmine look better than what I have gotten. But - if you have some modeling/software skills it’s workable with the console version of the apps multi capture. I just think even under the best of circumstances its going to be a little noisy

there’s some stuff here available for download as well - just FYI :slight_smile: