Anthony Morris   Congradulations on your space winning a Lulzbot.

@ThantiK Congradulations on your space winning a Lulzbot.

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Our Hackerspace Giveaway winners have been announced! We had some amazing entries to go through, but the eight winners are now posted on our blog. Congratulations!

Now we have a machine that can live at the lab. We have so many people that were afraid to use the other machines because they were peoples personal machines. Nice that when these members leave, we won’t lose access to the machines they have.

I think I might run a local class that explains how the machine works, and get as many people using it as possible. (Central Florida area)

Congrats - tell me how it is, i’d like to take them into store at @3dDinge_UG

@Nils_Hitze , @Chris_Purola_Chorca and I are likely going to do a shootout of all-metal hot ends, and I’ll do my best to get a review up of the Lulzbot as well. You know me, I tend to spot all the little details.