Another XPS Foam board carving done.

(Jack Daugherty) #1

Another XPS Foam board carving done. I decided to just skip right over the roughing pass with this one. 130 IPM, 1/8" ball nose, full DOC. So 1 pass total. Sorry @becker_thorne to beat you to it. I know you were meaning to do this one.

I just love how quickly these can be done. No distortion, twisting and warping when the temperature changes either. I still love things made from wood, but this stuff definitely has a place in my carving world now!

I decided to go with a antique bronze type finish after some debating about what to do with it. I first tried plain white, for a marble look, but it just didn’t look right. The white hid a lot of the details, and I thought I had ruined it. After giving it some thought, I figured I would try a different approach.

I painted it black acrylic, let it dry and then quick brush strokes with a metallic bronze acrylic, leaving some black showing through. This highlighted the finer details and allowed them to show through. Hope this helps someone out.

(Matt Herrera) #2

Wow that’s looks really good! Which programs are you using to produce these?

(Jack Daugherty) #3

@Matt_Herrera Thanks. Well, I buy my models, so only Cut3D.

(Matt Herrera) #4

@Jack_Daugherty Nice, but Cut3D only creates the tool paths and Gcode. I imagine the files are somewhat large in the multi megabyte range. What motion controller and execution program are you using? I have TinyG and have always run through Chilipeppr to execute the Gcode but have always had problems with Chilipeppr freezing up when trying to load files larger then a megabyte or two. Thanks for sharing!

(Jack Daugherty) #5

@Matt_Herrera Oh sorry. I’m using GRBL on a Makerbase MKS DLC v2.0 board and bCNC running on a rpi 3b+ The rpi is slow to load a cut file above 10 Mb, but once it’s loaded, I have no problems. I was actually just looking today to see what else I could upgrade with to replace the rpi. Looking like an Odroid XU4 might be on my list.

Been trying to get bCNC running on an ANDROID Tv box with an S912 Amlogic chipset running Ubuntu Linux.

(Matt Herrera) #6

Oh that makes sense. I have read that most people using GRBL don’t have the loading issues that Chilipeppr has. I’ve been waiting for OpenBuilds to deliver their CNC controller but that has still not been released, at least last time I checked. Well your work is looking awesome Jack, keep it up!

(Matt Herrera) #7

Hey I decided to check in on the openbuilds “BlackBox” looks like they started production and it will run about $140-$150. Should be available February. Might be worth looking into if your thinking about an upgrade.

(Thomas “Balu” Walter) #8

Wow, these do look great. Where do you buy your models? And what kind of acrylic paint are you using?

(Jack Daugherty) #9

@Matt_Herrera Thanks for the info, but my controller from Hobby Fab works great. I am only looking to upgrade the computer end of it. My Rpi acts as my computer, running bCNC as of now, but is lacking in speed. I already have an android tv box that is not being used, and I have managed to get Armbian linux running on it. I’m just struggling with getting bCNC to run on it. It should be about 10x faster than the rpi if I can get it working right! Much faster processor, more memory, built in 32Gb emmc memory etc…

(Jack Daugherty) #10

@Thomas_Balu_Walter Thanks. Just cheap acrylics from walmart, or anywhere. I have several different brands. The bronze metallic is Martha Stewart brand. Doubt if that matters much though. On some, I use Minwax polycrylic for a bit of protection over the paint. You can get it in multiple varieties of finish types, like matte, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss…

(Brandon Satterfield) #11

@Matt_Herrera oh man that hurts! :slight_smile:

(Matt Herrera) #12

@Brandon_Satterfield haha, you know I love your work man! But TinyG I think needs an upgrade, 4axis built in would be nice! Hope you’ve been good bro :grin:

(Matt Herrera) #13

@Jack_Daugherty oh my bad, for some reason I was thinking you were using your RaspberryPie as a motion controller too. As far as PC’s I was using the Vensmile pretty successfully. Seems sold out at the moment. Something similar might fit the bill if you can load bCNC on it.
VENSMILE W10 Wintel Mini Desktop Pc Computer Stick 2GB 64GB Atom Baytrail Cr,z3735f Quad-core (4c/4t) Soc CPU Windows 10 Pocket Computer Xbmc Tv Player with Bluetooth 4.0 Built-in Battery 2.4g 5g Dual Band Wifi

(Stephane BUISSON) #14

@Matt_Herrera Smoothieboard v2 is on it’s way too, (how long ?), but the specs are amazing (with brain & module connections)

(Jack Daugherty) #15

@Matt_Herrera I paid $45 for this last year. It’s probably as fast as that Vensmile. I WILL get this running linux!! and bCNC. It also has dual band wifi and Bluetooth.
Core: Octa Core
CPU: Cortex A53
GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3
Model: KB2 PRO
RAM Type: DDR4
System: Android 7.1
Processor: Amlogic S912

(Matt Herrera) #16

@Jack_Daugherty love the determination Jack! Keep posting your awesome work too!

(Matt Herrera) #17

@StephaneBUISSON Nice! I’ll have to check that out, I think I read something about that not to long ago.

(Brandon Satterfield) #18

@Matt_Herrera ha, no worries brother just joking the set up Jack is using is what we use now. Hope the holidays were great for you and family!
Last I heard Synthetos TinyG reached out to bCNC about being supported. I don’t use smoothie but believe it works with bCNC.
There are guys running bCNC on Windows machines, I messed with it once wasn’t too bad. Can’t recall what I installed.

(Matt Herrera) #19

@Brandon_Satterfield Wait so SMW3D is now Hobby-Fab? Sorry I’ve been out of the game for a minute. Still itching to get back to it.
Hey remember when we met on Oahu and you said I should visit the Virgin Islands? Well I’ve been out here for 6 months now, working on St.Croix! No CNC here but at least the spearfishing is good!

(James Rivera) #20

@Matt_Herrera Nice! I took a week long vacation to the BVIs in 2003. Lived on sailboat. Best vacation ever!