Another step toward personal manufacturing systems.

Another step toward personal manufacturing systems. I am waiting to see more multistage manufacturing systems in the future.

I think you misread the headline. It says they patented it, which means that the technology is essentially outlawed for 17 years. If they even bother to make a product out of it, they will sell it for 10-50X what it’s worth, making it unavailable to you, me, and just about everyone else.

Abolish patents.

I also don’t like patents. I guess it will be after 3rd World War that the countries will find a better solution to the current Patent paradox. I don’t thing that MIT’s patent will be too restrictive for future development. I should update my wording from Personal Manufacturing Systems to Local Manufacturing Systems. That is where these multistage devices will appear. The personal versions of these will appear much later.

I think given even a little nudge, this patent could be ruled out quite easily. Patents cover an implementation, not just a general broad idea. And if this one touts the general broad idea, it’s pretty obvious to anyone working in any kind of machinery. People have been combining machines for centuries, it’s the natural process of things.

The validity of a patent does not matter. All that matters is that you have big pockets to crush innovation with your patent.

Most patents are with made very broad strokes so you can sue more people and force them into licenses.

I think what is interesting on this one is using a robotic arm to hold the work piece under the extruders. Is there a multi-axis arm that has repeatable .01mm accuracy? If not the whole thing is a sham.