Another quick colour mixing print test from 3DR,

Another quick colour mixing print test from 3DR, this one’s at 0.1mm layers - print time of 27mins.

Waiting for the 3DR to be available as kit or to be RepRapped :slight_smile:

And for reference this model is the Twisted Floral Vase by cmetzel

That is amazing.


Thanks, still experimenting with clever ways to drive the extruders, at the bottom it’s ‘dithering’ and at the top they are running at variable speeds. Speed mixing is better :slight_smile:

Wow, looks great!

Congratulations. It looks really nice.

@Sanjay_Mortimer yes that was with Slic3r’s new spiral function, so nice to use and quite quick to print on the 3DR delta. It was almost 3 times a long to print on the MendelMax using ‘normal’ layers.

I did think about active mixing, but found a good way to get nice blending using just passive components inside the melt chamber, they still force a spiral and flat blending process to ensure the different feeds are being churned and folded together. I hope this will continue to work well as I didn’t want the hassle of sealing moving active mixing parts to the outside. Still need to do a lot more testing on the many feed version, but it’s looking promising.