Another question regarding panel interface with the smoothieboard.

Another question regarding panel interface with the smoothieboard. Is it possible to design a touch screen version of the GLCD panel that interfaces with the smoothieboard?

There is the Nextion HMI with GPIO’s display that would work with the TX/RX lines on the smoothieboard. But you will need to program the display, they come blank. MKS makes a touchscreen (uses tx/rx as well)that someone has upgraded the icons too, it is the MKSTFT3.2 and is from the company that has ripped off Smoothieboard/ware without proper open source attribution, so unless you absolutely have to use it, as a matter of principal, it should be avoided. I really only mention it so you can avoid it, and if you have questions why, @Arthur_Wolf can enlighten you :slight_smile:

@funinthefalls would a raspberry pi touch screen be capable of interfacing with the smoothieboard. Regarding the MKS I would never use them, I resell the smoothieboard in the UK and use them on my delta printers, I am not interested in companies ripping off other people’s work.

Not sure if it is possible.

@Andrew_Wade I have written a touch screen based Rpi smoothie host…

Will that work with a Pi Zero @Wolfmanjm ?

@funinthefalls It may work but would be a tad slow with the touch screen. The RPI3 is a Quad processor and has more memory so is quite fast, and is what I recommend.

The Smoopi (as I call it) connects to Smoothie over USB (or network), and acts a lot like Pronterface would, I took features from bCNC and Pronterface to design it. It has two modes, a 3D printer mode and a CNC/Laser mode. The gcode viewer has things like pinch to zoom and I plan on making more use of the multi touch capabilities of the RPI touch screen.
You cannot get smoothie to control an LCD and touch screen like this directly as the Smoothie is really very limited in its Flash and RAM, and is best to concentrate on just producing a clean step stream to the motors.

I was going to use a Nextion display, but your solution would save me a ton of work. Thanks for sharing with us. And keep the features coming :slight_smile:

AFAIK nextion does not currently work with smoothie as it uses some proprietary serial protocol.

I also have a 16gb image which has everything already setup (except for wifi). email me if you need it, the image is compressed to 2gb and needs to be unpacked on a linux system at the moment.

How does the GLCD screen communicate with the smoothieboard? Is the screen on the GLCD screen driven from the smoothieboard so in effect the GLCD is dumb and only a display?

May I suggest you read the code? it is an open source project :wink:

@Wolfmanjm i will certainty use your raspberry pi touch system for my 3d printers. The new machine i am designing has different functionality for each head and therefore different screen designs, designing and programming a new touch screen is not out of the question. Could a system be designed like paneldue but designing specifically for the smoothieboard? Thats why i was asking the question.

smoopi is similar but uses standard gcodes not invented gcodes no one else implements. also it runs over usb instead of serial. the screens are fully programmable if you want. and is bigger. paneldue is not currently fully supported as it uses different codes only implemented on the due.

@Wolfmanjm i will try your system this week. Also i will speak with the hackspace members and see what we can do to help, we have graphic designers and programmers and many members interested in raspberry pi’s. This looks to be the way forward for our new machine.

@Wolfmanjm We got your system up and running tonight at the hackspace

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awesome. does it work?

@Wolfmanjm yes it does work. We are looking at designing and writing a custom version of your code, if that’s ok.