Another question for the group...

Another question for the group… anyone have any experience with long term effects of PLA outdoors? Im interested in UV discoloration and cracking or delamination but any feedback would be appreciated. Has anyone built a birdfeeder or something for the garden perhaps?

PLA is somewhat biodegradable. I would not expect it to work well outside long-term.

As far as biodegradable, I think you need a perspective of years

Yeah and then its my understanding that this has to happen in industrial conditions, like city wide composting not backyard composting. I’m doing a project that will be outdoors for 3 months from July-August so I was mostly worried about UV discoloration.

Discoloration depends on the exact dye (and color) used - I’ve had a piece of black ABS sitting in the sun for a year now and it shows no signs of UV damage.