Another question for for you guys with ramps experience.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #1

Another question for for you guys with ramps experience. So yesterday I was having trouble with the axis not homing correctly even though it would move in the right direction when I moved it through the lcd control panel. so me, thinking that the cables where the wrong, I swapped em around and tried to power it up whn POOF a loud snap and that distinctive smell we all know to well. I unplugged everything and took it out of the casing. I thought the board was a gonner, but rather than power up the ramps board, I decided to try and power the mega just to see if it was still alive. Interestingly enough, it did work and booted into marlin 1.19. Is it safe to try and replug everything into the board and try again? I dont want to damage anything that is hard to replace (motors, sensors).

EDIT: Upon further inspection the board only works when I use the usb to power the mega, not through the ramps.

(Joe Walters) #2

You blew the voltage regulator on the arduino board. You can replace it, replace the board, or just run it of its own power.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #3

Which board? The ramps or the mega?

(Joe Walters) #4

The mega. Its fairly common on the cheap mega’s

(Matthew Del Rosso) #5

I’m guessing this is my problem? Pretty sure that hole wasn’t always there xDmissing/deleted image from Google+

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #6

@Matthew_Del_Rosso That’d be the one…